2015 Fly Fishing Film Tour Review & Kick Off


The 2015 fly fishing film tour kicked off last weekend and our crew was on hand for the festivities. The venue was unreal. Check the image above (thanks F3T for the image) to get a sense of the layout. Extremely high vaulted ceilings, central viewing area and a hugh screen – surrounded by “terraced” viewing balconies. One of the coolest venues I’ve ever seen. Cheers to Trouts in Denver for sponsoring the show. Read more

Cameras: Canon 5D Mark II & III

We get a tremendous amount of inquiries about cameras. Folks are very interested in the brands we like, what’s the best value, what’s tough, and what yields the best quality. The answer is – we use a variety of cameras to achieve an array of results. We work primarily outdoors – so we try and find a balance between quality, weight, strength and workflow. One of our favorite workhorses are the DSLR cameras made my Canon. We’ve owned the 60D, 7D and 5D’s (Mark II and II). They are all great cameras. Tough, reliable. Good image quality. Obviously, the more you spend, the better the image quality – but the 7D is no slouch. Read more

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