Field Testing New GoPro HERO4 Black and Silver Models


Our fiends at GoPro just sent over a care package with a few hot new GoPro models and accessories. At first glance at the spec list (below), the new GoPro4’s look fantastic. We’re going to review the HERO4 Silver and HERO4 Black. We’ll be testing these models in the coming weeks on a film expedition in Saskatchewan, Canada. We’ll be using the camera in remote locations as exterior cameras on various amphibious aircraft, underwater in various streams and lakes and as POV action cameras. The additional 4k and slow motion capabilities¬† – combined with enhancements to the in-the-field use (touch screen, power-on-reocrding, etc) should make these products even easier to operate in extreme conditions and the final product will be substantially higher quality than previous generations. In short, we’re stoked! Check back for updated from our extensive field test! Read more

Off the Grid Studios Goes Mobile


We’re taking the Off the Grid Studio concept mobile! Please meet Lola, the newest addition to the Off the Grid Studios / Beattie Productions team. In the coming months, this vintage 60’s Airstream will become a state of the art green media house. Powered 100% by solar, the studio will feature editing bays, a recording studio and a few extra custom additions. We’re going to complete the renovation by August¬† – so please follow the journey! We’ll be posted updates here, on instagram (@beattie_outdoor_productions), twitter and facebook.

Gear Review: Jibs and Cranes – Lite Pro Gear


Over the years we’ve tested (and destroyed) a wide variety of jibs and cranes. We work in super remote places and under demanding conditions. Water, sometimes salt water, is a constant in our world. Weight and size is also a tremendous factor. We’ve had to cut food rations on expeditions to make room for camera cranes. Read more

Cameras: Canon 5D Mark II & III

We get a tremendous amount of inquiries about cameras. Folks are very interested in the brands we like, what’s the best value, what’s tough, and what yields the best quality. The answer is – we use a variety of cameras to achieve an array of results. We work primarily outdoors – so we try and find a balance between quality, weight, strength and workflow. One of our favorite workhorses are the DSLR cameras made my Canon. We’ve owned the 60D, 7D and 5D’s (Mark II and II). They are all great cameras. Tough, reliable. Good image quality. Obviously, the more you spend, the better the image quality – but the 7D is no slouch. Read more

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