February 28, 2015 BOP_admin

Gear Review: Jibs and Cranes – Lite Pro Gear


Over the years we’ve tested (and destroyed) a wide variety of jibs and cranes. We work in super remote places and under demanding conditions. Water, sometimes salt water, is a constant in our world. Weight and size is also a tremendous factor. We’ve had to cut food rations on expeditions to make room for camera cranes.

We get a tremendous amount of inquiries about gear we like to use – specifically questions about jibs, cranes and dollies (We’ll address dollies in another post) – for that reason we’ll dive into a few simple factors impacting jib and crane selection and give our recommendations.

Variables impacting Jib / Crane selection:

1) performance (if it does not perform, nothing matters)
2) Weight / Size
3) Durability
4) Parts

We’ll save you time by not writing a novel here. The above is straightforward for anyone who’s worked in remote locations. The only additional note worth adding is the reference to “parts.” The more parts, the more opportunity to loose something or damage something during a lengthy expedition. Fewer parts = better design and less potential for error along the way.

A new favorite jib / crane has emerged! We first tested the Feather Camera Crane, by Lite Pro Gear, on a month long expedition in Mongolia. Long story short, it’s super durable, great design, very few parts to destroy or leave behind by accident – and the weight (or lack of) and extremely portable size is astonishing. If you do create work like us, this is your go to.

We’re not sponsored, we paid retail. That’s the deal. Hope this helps!

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