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The Latest Word from Beattie Outdoor Productions

Tuesday, September 1st 2015. Published from Antalaha, Madagascar. Written by Off the Grid  Crew Member Sarah Grigg.

Greetings from Antalaha, Madagascar. We’re on location working on a current project, but eager to share an update regarding our recent projects and activities. Our crew has clocked plenty hours afield this summer, but big things are afoot. From a new creative collective to the acquisition of an Airstream trailer, we’ve covered a lot of ground in 2015.

Over the last six months, we’ve formed Off the Grid Studios, a full-service green media production powerhouse, equipped to knock out some incredible stories from around the globe. Joining the Off The Grid creative collective is some massive talent: Captain Jack Films (Jako Lucas) of South Africa, Trayser Media (Austin Trayser) out of Bozeman, Montana, and independent creatives such as photographers Bryan Gregson and Brian Grossenbacher, writers Taylor Anderson and Sarah Grigg, audio engineers Ben Beattie and Jeremiah Pierson, award-winning art director Lindsay Minnich, videographer Steven Yochum, motion designer Marco Milosevic, graphic designer Sean Leary, and studio musician Dave Gulick. Pulling upon these distinct talents, we’ll continue to provide clients top creative services and to deliver epic outdoor media.

With this crew on deck, four major projects are in the works and will debut at the Fly Fishing Film Tour in 2016. Set in the remote lake country of northern Saskatchewan, Turning Points North follows renowned angler Jeff Currier as he targets monster northern pike measuring more than 40-inches in length. In the opposite hemisphere, our team follows the founders of Untamed Angling through the thick of the Bolivian Amazon as they collaborate with the Tsimane tribe and learn about the ways of the mythical golden dorado in a documentary titled Jungle Angler.

Our final two 2016 productions are set on the African continent. Diving even deeper into the fishery of his Seychelles hunting grounds, angler Jacko Lucas reveals what it takes to land the highly-elusive, turbo-charged, algae-eating 40-pound milkfish in Chanos Chanos. Finally, in the tiny and little-documented country of Lesotho, the guides of Tourette Fishing take viewers on an expedition to target freshwater yellowfish and trout in unexplored, high-country lakes.



Back at headquarters in Bend, Oregon, Off the Grid founder and filmmaker, RA Beattie, acquired a 60s-era Airstream Trailer, which is currently being transformed into a portable studio. The trailer, dubbed “Lola”, is outfitted sustainably, using low-impact materials and alternative energy sources, such as biodiesel and solar. The rolling studio will provide the team a place to produce content on the fly, on-site in the field, with full capabilities, including a recording studio. By taking the time to create not just a functional workspace, but an equally ethical one, Off the Grid hopes to create an example: If a media production company can convert its production space to standards of high sustainability, why can’t other tech-based practices do the same?



Finally, along with the new collective and unfolding projects, Beattie Outdoor Productions’ Carpland–a documentary covering the complicated history of carp from Illinois to the Pacific Northwest–took two categories at the 2015 Drake Awards in Orlando, Florida. The film was selected by viewers for Best Story and Best Movie of the Year, taking home the award in both categories. Carpland asks anglers big questions about the oft-maligned non-native game species. Sponsored by Scientific Anglers, Orvis, Costa, and with the support of partners The Fly Shop, WorldCast Anglers, The Northern Angler, and CarpPro, it took tremendous collaboration and planning to execute this film.

We’re humbled and honored to be recognized by viewers for our hard work.

And we aim to offer you all the same dynamic, unexpected storytelling for 2016. See you on the big screen next year!


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